We’ve all heard horror stories about bad hairpieces and worse toupees. In comedy, these have been the butt of many jokes, but hair loss sufferers are not laughing. Non-surgical hair replacement is a serious matter, especially for people who are considering it. With over 20 years in the Hair Industry, Hair Replication Studio is passionate about Scalp Micro Pigmentation and non surgical hair replacement.

People who are dealing with alopecia must be careful because the hair loss industry is fraught with cheap gimmicky products as well as companies and so-called professionals who are more than happy to take advantage of vulnerable hair loss sufferers. We have a profound dedication to every client that goes far beyond customer satisfaction. Since our start in the hair industry, we have watched as men and women alike have searched looking for a solution to embarrassing hair loss. The alternatives of unnatural looking hair pieces, hair plugs and grafts which cause permanent scarring, have never been methods in which we have felt confident to recommend to our clients. However, Scalp Micro Pigmentation and Hair Density are finally a procedure that gives amazing results and both procedures are non-invasive.

Non-surgical hair replacement can be a wonderful alternative for people who want to have a fuller head of hair without surgery. However, most consumers don’t know what to look for or what to watch out for. We give our clients high-quality one on one attention. We only take one client at a time and give a complete consultation before any procedure, discussing the best options for you. Your treatment and procedure are customized to your needs and if more than one treatment is needed there are no extra charges.

The vast majority of consumers who purchase non-surgical hair replacement are unhappy with the products they’re stuck with. Plus, there’s a lot that the hair clubs won’t tell you. If you are just beginning to lose your hair or if you have been struggling with hair loss for quite some time, we offer more natural hair loss treatment options to restore the appearance of hairlines and recreate a hairline that is appropriate for you.