With advances in science and medicine that now allow men to live longer and healthier lives, you would think there would be a cure for hair loss. In fact, more and more men are watching their hair grow thin and fall out, and more and more of them are not content simply to watch it happen. No one wants to go bald. Thankfully at Hair Replication Studio, we offer men with partial and substantial hair loss a great option: non surgical hair replacement or specifically, Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

Recognizing the fact that a lot of us men will go bald can help us raise more awareness and show men out there everywhere that there are options for them. Let’s start with some hair loss statistics.

60% of men can’t correctly identify a hair transplant. The procedure has come a long way and made great strides in helping men recover their hair. In fact, it’s gotten difficult to tell who’s had a transplant and who hasn’t. However what most men do not know about Hair Transplants is that they, on average, are 20-60% more expensive than Scalp Micro Pigmentation, they are not guaranteed to take and can leave behind nasty scars. Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the more cost effective solution, is non-surgical, leaves no scars behind and is the all around best solution for Hair Density in Men.

Male pattern baldness can even start occurring before the age of 21. In fact, one-quarter of men will begin the process before they can even legally buy beer in the United States.

9 out of 10 men say that hair loss is a major concern for them. That’s right, you’re not alone! Balding affects every aspect of a man’s life. His interpersonal relationships can even take a hit as a direct result of the blow to his self-esteem.

Are you ready to do something about your hair loss? Contact the Hair Replication Studio today about Scalp Micro Pigmentation!