There’s a lot that can be great about being a guy. But there’s one thing that’s tough to deal with, and a lot of men will face it, like it or not. Baldness. You don’t look as good. You feel old, like all your virility is slipping away. But there’s a new solution for male baldness treatment, and that’s scalp micro pigmentation (SMP).

So what is it? It’s an innovative concept, and one of the fastest growing treatments for thinning hair out there. Individual hair follicles are replicated one at a time to create the appearance of a full head of shaved hair. The way it works, a tiny needle is used to apply pigment to the epidermis layer of the scalp. Ever gotten a tattoo? This procedure is less invasive than that. The days of undergoing a hair transplant that might not work or having to wear a hairpiece are over. Plus, if you have had scarring due to a transplant, SMP can reduce the appearance of the scarring and give you the effect of a full head of hair.

Before the procedure occurs, you’ll meet with us for a complete consultation, where we’ll discuss your options. The SMP procedure is non-invasive and a non-surgical option. Our technicians are highly trained to not only be clinically precise, but to also have a high level of artistic talent. Each treatment is specifically personalized to you, and if another procedure is required, there are no extra charges. The best part is, SMP is more affordable than you might think. So contact us today, and get ready to get your life back.