1. Wish I never got a transplant!

    If I had only done this 10 years ago I would have saved a lot of pain and money. They took of my scars and gave me a great hairline Technicians are great Studio is private and immaculate…Read More

  2. No Maintenance!

    It looks great!  No more hair spray and spending 30 minutes on my hair trying to cover bald spot. Technicians are personal and professional I look and feel like a new man  …Read More

  3. I had a huge transplant scar and now you can’t even see it. Great Service! I will be back to get SMP on top

  4. I am so pleased having the look of a full shaved head with a hairline! The technicians were great.


    HRS has made me a very happy man!!  I have been miserable about my hair loss and have looked into and tried everything!  This is the most natural and maintenance free look.  The service I got from HRS studio was great and the staff was fantastic.…Read More

  6. I feel like a new man!

    I cannot believe I have a hairline again and it is so natural looking.  By far the best option and so much more affordable than the alternatives out there and I checked them all out.I liked the professional yet personal attention I got at HRS.  One of the best decisions I could have made, I am a happy and confident man again!  And their referral program earned me $400.00 dollars.  Win, win &nb…Read More

  7. No Longer Hiding Under Baseball Caps

    I had a transplant done years ago, and continued to lose more hair.  I already had a huge scar in the back of my head from a transplant and was not happy.  HRS gave me back my hair line, filled in the top of my head with SMP and corrected my scar, so I can now shave my head and look like I have a full head of hair.  I have never been happier with my hair or felt more confident.  SMP is an awes…Read More

  8. My Hair Looks Great!

    I have a decent head of hair but am thinning up top and in the beanie area of my head as well.  I had hair density done and my hair looks full and I feel great!!  …Read More

  9. Totally Worth It Compared To Alternatives

    I have a decent head of hair but am thinning up top, so I had hair density done and my hair looks fantastic! Nobody knows what I had done but they keep complimenting how good my hair looks. I am a hairdresser, and this technique and price is totally worth it compared to the alternatives. No pills, lotions, or ointments required!!! Teri…Read More

  10. So Natural Looking!

    I’m in my late 20’s and my hair has been thinning the past five years, ugh, so I have gone the shaved look as I do not feel my balding top is as obvious. Scalp micro pigmentation has given me the appearance of a fully shaved head of hair! I have a hairline again and it is so natural looking. I look and feel 25 instead of 45. Awesome! Andy…Read More