TRANSPLANT SCAR CORRECTION is a service we offer and perform on over 60 percent of our clients

Scalp Micro Pigmentation Procedure and Hair Density are simple and innovative solutions for male balding and female thinning. Men and women alike are gaining confidence, losing old inhibitions, and feeling great about their natural looking appearance through our SMP and High-Density procedures.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is rapidly becoming the number one natural hair loss treatment for men battling hair loss. We create a natural and subtle look and are able to recreate or extend hairlines.

Hair Density is an artistic procedure that adds the appearance of density to men and women with thinning hair.

Similarities between the two natural treatments for hair loss

Both procedures are:

  • Affordable for almost every budget – In fact, many of our clients have to be budget-conscious and cannot just throw money away;
  • Nonsurgical – This non-invasive procedure doesn’t require a scalpel or a “recovery room”,
  • Maintenance Free – That means you won’t have to come back every month to check on your progress; however, if you require additional treatments to achieve “fullness” and the appropriate appearance of “hair density”, there is NO additional charge.

Check out our Testimonials page and our photo Gallery

Read our Testimonials page and you’ll get an idea of the natural procedure that is changing lives by giving people the look of a fuller head of hair or more density.

Are you like the rest of us and say that seeing is believing? Check out our Gallery to see the stunning results of this natural procedure.

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